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Tisya Singh

14 year old multi-talented and winner of many International Certifications Tisya Singh to lead the brand.

Every child is unique. Each one of them is gifted and talented in a particular area. Comparing them as a collective is very unfair. Every single one also has different challenges. For some children, the classroom setting is the place where their talent is the hardest to exhibit. Also, that is the same place where the challenges are easily visible. And our education system forces them to spend so much time in the classroom that it gets tough for these little guys.

But, then there are a few children who are outstanding in every field and are exceptionally gifted. They give evidence of excessive-performance capability in areas such as intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership capacity, or certain academic fields. Tisya Singh, a 14-year-old girl from DPS, Bangalore (East) is one such girl. At an age where the kids are busy with their phones and friends, Tisya already has so many achievements to her name. Her role model is her dad. He is very hard-working and efficiently balances his personal and professional life. He drives her to her classes and helps her with her studies. She wants to make him proud and strives to be like him, someday. She has a really disciplined schedule. The weekdays are usually all about school and assignments. But, during the weekends she has a very busy routine which includes her Kung Fu training, guitar/keyboard lessons and dance classes which usually stretch for 5-7 hours.

Tisya has secured A1 grade in all academic years in school till date. She has been ranked as the top performer during multiple academic years. Tisya is a member of her school choir. She is an avid reader and takes great interest in writing stories and poetries. She is also passionate about sketching, doodles, and painting. She got “The All-Rounder Position” certificate of merit in DPS East for the academic year 2018-2019. She has represented the school multiple times in ‘Inter-School Competitions’. Tisya was awarded a ‘Distinguished Performance Certificate’ for the ASSET Test (Assessment Of Skills For Successful Entry And Transfer Test) held in the year 2017. She continued her excellent performance and was selected for “ASSET Talent Search 2018” where she was scored in the top 10% of the 4,00, 000 students in the competition. She was ranked in the ‘Top 500’ for the ASEET Talent Search 2018-2019 and was a ‘Bronze Scholar’. This achievement made her eligible for a scholarship program for various international summer institutes which included UC Berkeley and Purdue University. She has won a Gold medal in ‘National Cyber Olympiad’ (NCO) which is conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). She was also the winner for Amazon Kindle “READ TO LEAD” 2016 contest.

Not just studies, but she also has accomplishments in various fields. She has already completed an “Acting Workshop” conducted by the filmmaker Saad Khan. She walked the ramp in 2018-2019 for multiple brands including “U.S POLO Junior”, “The Children's Place” and designer “Angalakruthi”. Part of “Bengaluru SS’18” she did a Brand Ambassador photoshoot along with a video shoot for “USPA Kids”.

She was always fascinated by all the talks about women empowerment and their ability to fight back against anything wrong or unjust happening in the world. A lot of short movies which portrayed women who were either defending themselves or someone else made her feel like even she was capable of fighting back. This piqued her interest in martial arts and provoked her to learn it herself, a choice she didn't regret. She is Brown Belt in Kung Fu and is currently preparing for her upcoming black belt exams. She has won four gold medals, two silver medal, and two excellence trophy during “Bangalore City Inter-Club Kung-Fu Championship” held in the year 2016-2018. She also represented the state of Karnataka in the 7th India National Kuo Shu (Kung Fu) championship 2018 and won one gold medal, one silver medal, and one bronze medal.

Tisya has been dancing and performing on stage since the age of 4 in Summer & Winter Funks. She was hand-picked by Shiamak as ‘Shiamak ShowKids for Bangalore’ and performed in “Shiamak ConfiDance Bangalore (The SPB ) Show”. She was selected and has successfully completed “SHP Juniors (Shiamak Half Yearly) Program” which is an intensive 6-month dance training program for multiple styles which includes ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, salsa, jazz, and gymnastics. Currenlty she is pursing & getting trained in “SHP Advance Juniors” Program.

The list continues…She has completed Grade 2 in keyboard (with ‘Merit’) and Grade 1 in guitar (with ‘Distinction’) from “Trinity college of London”. She has completed “White Ball grade” from CSPA (Cue School by Pankaj Advani) and WPBSA (World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association). She is currently pursuing “Red Ball grade”.

She has been selected for the next round of “Mr and Miss Little Kids Competition Bangalore” & will be competing for the title Mr and Miss South India 2019.

The higher the kids are on the academic ladder, the harder it gets for them. They find it difficult to give time to things like reading, writing, painting, and dancing. Textbooks take up all their time and most of them lose out sleep in a rush to do everything as expected by their parents. Tisya will be an inspiration for the kids of this generation. The way she manages her academics along with the other fields is praiseworthy. The kids of this generation need to find a balance between their need and want in order to survive the demand in the coming years of 21st century.

Commendable Initiative-

The ongoing lockdown due to Coronavirus has left many daily wage workers jobless and homeless. While some fled the cities they worked in, others find themselves helplessly stranded. Our brand ambassador, Tisya Singh took a praiseworthy initiative to provide 40 underprivileged families with food material, daily for 15 days. She is mobilizing the members of her gated community, Heritage County, and is working with IGP Karnataka & ACP as a ‘Social Warrior’. She is following in the footsteps of our respected Prime Minister, Narendra Modi Ji to ensure that the needy do not go hungry. We couldn’t be any prouder watching her come to the front and lead the community in the fight against this pandemic.


Shubham Jaglan


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