What we are looking for in people?

If passion, knowledge, street-smart is the terms that define you, Kids Chaupal is looking for you. We are a closely knit team of passionate industry experts who want to nurture every child’s dream. Our team is our source of creative ideation and exploration at home and therefore, we believe in having the most trusted and talented individuals on-board.

At Kids Chaupal, you work and learn while being mentored by industry experts. We believe in team work and therefore each one of our members get to explore their professional abilities while working with us.

Kids Chaupal provides the right platform and guidance to turn every child’s dream into his career. We aim at raising awareness for young ones to older children to explore, learn, and grow into their respective fields of interest while being mentored by professionals. We are looking for people who want to shape India’s future by being a part of something extra-ordinary.

If you have the zeal and the talent to be a part of a journey that will shape India’s future, drop us a mail at jobs@kidschaupal.com and we will reach out to you in no time.

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