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The basic idea of “KidsChaupal” kind of resides in the subconscious of every Indian of the 21st century. All of us somewhere at a point in life hasn’t been completely satisfied with the current education system and the academic methods. In an iconic feat around the dinner table, the idea of “KidsChaupal” surfaced in the form of words when one of our founders said, “The education system of India needs a ‘Renaissance’ and we need to discover our kids better!” Our other two founders had been discussing one of their daughter’s, that’s how she excelled at academics and dance at the same time and how she managed to stand out amongst all the competition in her school.
The story goes way back to 2009 when a father took his daughter to a petrol pump trying to give her practical knowledge in the atmosphere of a theory focused education system and it was miraculously observed that what she learnt and understood was much more than what she understood in the theoretical education environment of the school! And then an experiment was done. Her parents decided to enroll her for creative courses like dance and music to start with.
The girl hit a goldmine when she was invited by India’s top choreographer, to be trained under him! After a few years, one thing lead to another and she learned a number of skills while performing exceptionally in academics as well! Well, this certainly was awe-striking how she managed to perform remarkably good at academics, even when she was focused on extra-curricular like dancing and martial arts.
Quick research revealed that children who focused on activities like dancing, sports, and, martial arts etcetera, did better at academics too leading to which our founder made that statement because we all know, children today are being denied from doing and learning what they want to do and learn. Later

As she grew up, she also went on to win several medals in Kung Fu, several certifications related to her academics and creativity and currently she is mastering arts like Hip-Hop, Gymnastics, Salsa under one of the most celebrated choreographers in India!

Speaking of our founder, one of the renowned entrepreneurs that he is, he believes that he would have never been a successful entrepreneur if he hadn’t practiced the art of business and marketing during his school and college days and same goes for the other founder, who too is a very successful businessman and an expert in the IT sector. Our 3rd founder on the other hand who is a "child-visionary" of our team, is a very responsible and an encouraging parent who invested a lot of time from those essential work hours with the daughter so she could travel 20 kilometers every day just to learn dance and excel at academics at the same time!

After 10 years

These small but quite significant stories and struggles gave birth to the magnificent and innovative idea of "KidsChaupal" after our founders demanded the 'Renaissance' in the education system and the need to discover our kids. Then our founders together came up with an idea that why not to create such a nurturing community for kids to explore and venture into the depths of their interests, skill set, and, abilities and help their parents and the kids recognize and discover the kids' true potential. Together, they set up an edified team of adolescent development maestros, entrepreneurs, educators, parents and technologists who would work for the overall development of your child and help him reach the apex of his career and abilities and also help parents discover their children in the most incredible way!

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