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Create engagement with students and foster education in the easiest way possible with features like Whiteboard, Video/Audio Conferencing, Screen/Application Sharing, Presentation Integration, Class Recording, YouTube Video Integration, and much more!



Are your classes located at various locations? With our easy to locate the mapping technique, map your class location to make them easily accessible for students. Your reach maximizes once your students and their parents know where to tap you.


Class Management

Make announcements for classes at different times, days, subjects- manage all, Edit/Add, adjust timings, inform parents. This feature makes it easier for teachers to connect to more students and parents in real-time, outside the classroom.


Events Management

Create events and inform parents. Send online invites and online registrations. Your messages contain files, images, and links where parents and students can register for all special events hosted by you.


Workshop Management

Conducting special workshops? People are looking forward to it but reminding each parent with a separate message becomes a tiresome process. KidsChaupal makes the process painless and paperless. This feature helps parents and students know about your upcoming workshops online and they can view and enroll themselves.


Students Management

There is a better way of maintaining student records than in easily misplaced record books and pieces of paper. KidsChaupal lets you record all student data, information on the KidsChaupal App, all on your mobile. Add/edit details; take attendance- all in your palms.


Staff Management

Not only students but teachers today are becoming tech-savvy and do not mind staying in touch beyond work hours. Teachers too can now send reminders to their students. As an employer, for you, it becomes easier to explore resources to manage all teacher/ employee data, classes, timings, etc.


Revenue Management

The manual methods will, many times, have few mistakes. There is always a better way to calculate the revenue generated by your business. Worry not, because the KidsChaupal app calculates revenue generation effectively. Take advantage of this feature to help you understand your business and manage finances accordingly.


Attendance Management

Teachers are guides, mentors, and inspirations for many students - a role that can never be replaced by technology. But technology sure can help you in your daily activities. Keep a digital track of the daily attendance of each student in a well organized and extremely easy to access way as compared to the manual data.


Dashboard Preview

You no longer need to print reports, maintain registers, or prepare a detailed description for monthly analysis. The Dashboard preview is a unique feature for a solitary spot of all the statistics collection in your day to day activities and serves as a central location for users to view and analyze updated information.


Document Management

Decentralise your physical space, have a backup for easy retrievals, reduce paper waste- all by our document management feature. You can now upload the learning materials according to the respective classes and subjects, with the highest level of precision which will allow greater efficiency and effectiveness of work.


Coaches Review

Now easily help students understand where they’re doing well, how they can improve, how their work can benefit them in the long run, and what is expected of them in the given assignment. With this feature, you can get reviews from coaches/mentors/teachers who can make teaching and learning efficient and powerful.


Payment Gateway Integration

You can accept monthly/yearly payments securely and seamlessly using our iOS or Android application within minutes with our 100% hassle-free payment gateway. Use this feature for easy recurring payment collection, invoice sharing with parents - all from a single platform.

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