1. The batch will comprise of 12 sessions (Class frequency- twice a week spread over a period of 1.5 months.) Batch fee INR 2600/-
  2. This is a technique and choreography focussed batch. We teach the students the fundamental techniques and terminologies of dance which would directly help them in their strength, flexibility, and movement quality and choreography execution.
  3. There would be 2 parents meeting during this course. The 1st parents meeting will be introductory meet, to brief everyone about the structure of the batch. The 2nd parents meeting would be in the 4th class.
  4. Parents are requested to wait outside class, during class hours, to avoid the students from getting distracted.
  5. If classes are cancelled by the KC management due to unforeseen events, the same would be compensated on another day with prior notice; however in case a child misses any class for any personal reason, there will be no compensation in such case.
  6. The students will be encouraged to upload their class choreo dance video on the KidsChaupal app (Talent Box). These videos will be assessed by the instructors to help kids with constructive feedback. Dance routines performed by the kids also shall be recorded by the instructor and shared once after the 7th class and once on the 11th class.
  7. In case of any medical history / condition, please submit NOC consent from the doctor by the first day of the class. It is essential to be in good health and physical condition before participating. If you have any health concerns, injuries, or medical conditions, please consult with your healthcare provider before joining the dance class.
  8. KidsChaupal will exercise reasonable care and supervision during the class. However, once the class concludes, the responsibility for the child's supervision transfers to the person designated as the authorized pickup. Please ensure that an appropriate adult or responsible guardian is present to collect your child promptly.
  9. Dance classes may involve photography or videography for promotional purposes. By participating in the class, you consent to being photographed or recorded and agree that the images or videos may be used by the organisation for promotional and educational purposes on KidsChaupal social media platform like KC Website|KC App|Instagram| Facebook | Linked In, Youtube and KC creative materials.
  10. By enrolling for KidsChaupal classes, you indicate that you have read, understood, and agree to comply with this disclaimer.

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