A Pragmatic Proposal: Curriculum Review and Revision

By Prisha Gupta on Dec 22, 2021

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“Identifying your passion. No student has been ever encouraged to study what he (she) truly is passionate about, especially when it comes to creative careers like being an artist”. -     Found this comment by one of our community members true and totally quote-worthy!

The state of Maharashtra recently announced changes to the school curriculum from the upcoming academic session. The revised curriculum is developed in order to create awareness of climate change. It is designed with the help of UNICEF in order to instill social responsibility among students. Educating young children about their responsibilities and duties towards their planet is a great way of bringing a change in society for a brighter tomorrow. This decision calls for the practical implementation than a theoretical understanding of the planet and its deteriorating condition.

Kids Chaupal has been focused on curating skill-based courses that allow practical solutions to problems of the future. For decades, the Indian education system has been undergoing changes yet there is always a lack that can be filled by the next generation that has a better understanding of the evolved world in front of them.

We asked our community for the changes that they’d like to see in the nationwide curriculum. Sharing some thought-provoking and interesting responses here.

 "Vocational Education”

First and foremost - modern life depends on money – be it education, health, sustenance everything depends on how well you manage your money. According to a recent TOI report, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, 93,000 candidates applied for the post of peon jobs that have eligibility of class V, among which there were 3,700 Ph.D. holders. This throws light on the abysmal condition of our educational structure that is more focused on fetching degrees than any practical outcome.

Vocational education is the need of the hour, allowing financial independence to students that allow them to support their family and higher education, right after school. There are many options available in today’s world but such courses are not to be found within mainstream education. Our platform offers a plethora of choices to kids, empowering them for the future. The growing Indian market requires a skill-based workforce to support a variety of industries including – fashion, IT, nursing, language training, etc.

“Taxation and everything related to it”

Once children learn to be financially independent, the next important thing is to channelise their knowledge into understanding the importance of growing it further and using it wisely. We understand how important finances are in life yet our education system has failed to incorporate basic financial education in school and college curriculum.

We, however, understand the importance of the functioning and conditioning of a young brain into looking at numbers not with fear but with affection, especially if their survival and future depend on it. That is the reason why we have introduced foundational courses on financial literacy to allow your kids’ financial growth without any hindrance.

“Mental Health”

We are blessed to be living in a world where finally we get to read or hear about mental health issues in media. But it is not enough! There is an urgent need to focus on mental health and create a discourse where everyone can talk about it freely. Nonetheless, the education system still doesn’t acknowledge the importance of building a course around mental health though there are some counsellors appointed in schools to help students cope with the stress surrounding exams.

A survey previewed in The State of the World’s Children 2021, claims that, in India, about 14% of 15 to 24-year-olds, that is, one in every 7 children has reported feeling depressed at some point or the other. We believe in the holistic growth of a child. Only when the child has a healthy mind and soul can it perform well academically and in other activities. The best way to deal with stress is by keeping kids engaged in creative activities and hobbies.

“Mandatory Excel Course”

People from the previous generation who once had to take off their shoes before entering the computer lab in the school premises (that is if you were one of the lucky lots who had computer labs in your school) can sometimes get intimidated by the tech-savvy world that surrounds them now.

MS Office has applications that are designed to simplify basic office tasks ad improve work productivity. In times when kids are encouraged to learn to code early in life, this is the most basic skill that needs to be taught at a foundational level, whether the child is inclined towards other application skills or not. In today’s world, one cannot escape technology. It has surpassed all disciples, now even humanities subjects like music and painting cannot overlook the importance of technology. We have specialised courses for kids to help them master the tech-skills and flex their creativity.

There were many other suggestions that were directed at focusing on the socio-cultural development of a child. Schools should adopt practical and application-based subjects to help the child experience real-life problems. I order to make the curriculum more inclusive some exposure to LGBTQ+ and sex education can be considered for a healthy society.

Kids Chaupal is a platform devoted entirely to the belief that we yield what we sow. To ensure the overall growth of kids, we identified as many disciples as possible and designed simplified courses around these disciplines. Our courses range from language learning to Abacus, from Vedic Maths to Bollywood dance. Parents, mentors, and kids can find everything under one roof, here.

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