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About KidsChaupal

It works with a simple IDEA of having a friend in a mentor…

KidsChaupal stands for quality education and learning. We achieve this with assistance from our valued partners. We also feel great joy and pride to partner with vocational training institutes who want to create a better learning and teaching environment for children.

Our goal at KidsChaupal is to build valuable habits that can transform every child’s personality and help him grow more. All our partners are represented on our public platform to help children choose and connect with the right facility and mentors for enhanced learning.

KidsChaupal provides vocational or hobby institutes with a wholesome partner platform to manage everything from the comfort of their mobile. Data management, notifications, fee updates, service offerings can all be updated on our exclusive Partner Platform. This helps businesses build better facilities and services for children while we minimize the stress and workload.

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KidsChaupal is a global platform that aims at creating better learning and service solutions. For this, we have built a platform that brings together parents, children, and our valuable partners. Our regular events also let you offer services to millions of children through in-person and online interaction.

Through KidsChaupal, we want to bring together the best of mentors and students while helping every child thrive in a learning environment while imbibing crucial life skills.

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Our platform just lets you do that! Our goal is to provide quality education & learning through our valued partners.

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