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Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati

International Media sources quoted him as "Mini Stephen Hawkings" because he is the rarest of rare differently-abled child prodigy. He is the "Youngest Patent Holder of India" & "World's Youngest Differently Able Patent Holder". He has 7 inventions & 7 patents to his name. He took India to the top in the field of Chess Variants Inventions.

A child suffering from fatal disease is the "Youngest Patent Holder of India" and "World's Youngest Differently-abled Patent Holder" despite the bitter fact that he has 85% disability. He can not move his body but he brought tempest in the world of innovations as he is left with only & only, "Awesome Brain", "Intact Voice" & "Trembling Fingers", rest whole body is paralyzed. Life is playing chess against him, but he took glorious past of India further by inventing Circular Chess, as Chess was invented in our country.

Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati is an amazing child and 'Gem of Rajasthan', who is the Pride of India and inspires the world. He is a 'Differently-Abled Child Prodigy' of 17 years facing fatal disease. Global Media Sources quoted him as “Mini Stephen Hawkins of India”. Though he is bound to a wheel chair because of the disease 'Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy', he still took our country to top in world by defeating Japan in field of Chess Variants Inventions. 

Though he is having 85% disability, that too permanent & progressive one, he has 7 inventions to his name and out of those 7 inventions he already has patents for 7 inventions. Chess was invented in our country & he took the glorious past of India further by inventing Circular Chess at the age of just 9 years in the year 2013 & became the 'Youngest Patent Holder of India' & the 'Youngest Differently abled Patent Holder' of the World. Now, he has patents for 6, 12 & 60 players Circular Chess. 

A 'Child Prodigy', with only “Intact Fingers & Brain” brought tempest in the World of innovations & inventions. His inventions are not just in the field of Chess but also serve society. Despite being immobile himself, he gave mobility solutions to the world. His life is full of disasters but he submitted “Disaster free World” project to UNO & it was highly appreciated. He is very sure that if his ideas are implemented then our 'Mother Earth' will be a “Disaster free World”. One of his inventions lead to the birth of higher versions of 16x16 Sudoku. Hridayeshwar checkmates life by his inventive instinct. 

He believes that “Accessibility cant be bought. We only have 2 options. Either suffer or invent and I chose the later”. Therefore he invented Mobility Solutions, that ultimately lead to 2 innovated Power Wheel Chair Accessibility Vehicles (Modified Echo & Modified Scorpio with ramp modification), which is of immense help to lot of differently able, senior citizens & Wheel Chair users. His rare milestones made him emerge as latest global inspiration across world & have million of followers.

Reputed media sources have quoted him various regalia terms such as the "Rarest of rare chess prodigy with a unique difference”, “Mini Stephen Hawkins of India", "Genius in unique manner like Stephen Hawkins”, "Another Milestone in the World of disability after “Wilma Rudolph & Stephen Hawkins", “Chess Prodigy”, “Chess sensation who inspires world”, ” Emerging Global Inspiration of the World". quoted him as ” Reputed Institutions & Notable Organizations quoted him as ““Wonder kid”, “Genius”, “Latest Global inspirational Sensation”, “Rare Chess Prodigy”, “Amazing Whiz Kid”, “Golden boy from Jaipur”, “Gem of Rajasthan”, “Pride of India”, “ Chess sensation,“Rarest of rare Chess Prodigy in unique, different and inspirational manner” and the list goes on.

Hridayeshwar was recently honored with 'National Award from Government of India' and was also awarded the "Most Outstanding Inventor Child" by Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and Disability Affairs.

Both his parents are teachers. His Mother is 'Dr Meenakshi Kanwar' and teaches English Literature as a Lecturer in Shri Bhawani Niketan College, Jaipur. His father is 'Sarower Singh Bhati', who is a National Awardee in Mathematics. His parents feel that they extremely lucky, being chosen by God. They feel that their son inspires them & always keeps them smiling. Hridayeshwar feels that his greatest success is "Positive Approach towards life". He feels great to possess "Never Ending & Ever Increasing Determination", despite the bitter fact that his health things is getting worst day by day. His ideal person is great scientist Stephen Hawkings as he is also suffering from same disease. Moreover, also has the inventive instinct.

His message to Differently-Abled is that "The only disability is low self esteem. People who cannot walk can fly with their attitude. Disability is Mandatory but discovering different ability inside is optional. Everyone is disabled. Even anger & greed are lucky disabilities as they can be controlled." He believes that his secret of great success despite the worst problems is that only & only difficulties bring success, but for that we must "Respect Difficulties" & "Welcome Difficulties with both hands". Only difficulties teach us lead us to success. He is surely an inspiration to the youth of India.


Siddharth Srivastav Pilli


Suhani Yadav

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